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Here's What Just Some Of Our Attendees Have To Say...
The Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Brings You Unique, Proven, Actionable Strategies to Help Grow Your Business
Mediocrity is not an option and you should never settle for less than success!

Why do so many therapists struggle in their business when they bring such an important service to the world?

Why is the gift of healing so undervalued by those blessed to provide it?

If you're a struggling therapist I understand your pain. I've been there. I've felt the despair, the stress, the anxiety. I know what it feels like to consider walking away from something you love.

I've also experienced the joy and fulfilment of running a very successful clinic. Being in a position to help the people who needed me.
If I had continued down the path of mediocrity I wouldn't have been able to share my healing gifts and help as many people as I could.

Does this sound like you? Do you have money blocks or problems putting value in your services? If so, this summit will help you move past the mindset barriers that are holding you back.
mediocrity is not an option
Do you need help moving forward?

Sometimes we just need some advice, a tip to point us in the right direction.

It doesn't matter where you are in your business. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned operator, getting clarity, perspective and direction is often needed to get you over an obstacle and off and running towards your next goal.

Our speakers have been selected based on their real world experience and success. Just one strategy or tip could provide the insight you need to move forward.

The quickest way to succeed is to follow in the footsteps of the successful people who have gone before us.

What Topics Will Be Covered?
Eric Brown Presents:

60 Clients in 60 Days
Three R's to Increasing Your Income
Vicki Marsh Presents:

Converting Patients From Promotions to Paying Full Price
The Real Reason Why Clients Object to Rebooking
Felicia Brown Presents:

Ignite - Moving from Burned -out to Shining Your Light
Sharon Desjarlais Presents:

How to Raise Your Rates Without Losing Your Clients
Kevin Anson Presents:

How to Create Facebook Video Ads
Dr Ed Osburn Presents:

Creating Your Culture
Loyd Hale Presents:

Creating an 8 Figure Wellness Business
Caroline Burdulis Presents:

Streamline Your Busy Practice to Get the Best Clinical Results while Creating More Freedom
Bryan Watrous Presents:

The #1 Strategy to Rapidly Double or Triple Your Healing, Energy-Work or Holistic Practice
Scott Paton Presents:

Creating Passive Revenue Streams with Online Courses
Shawn Kitzman Presents:

Building a Brand with Story Based Marketing
Joan Kaylor Presents:

Tapping for Stress Management
Andy & Marcus Present:

The Wellness Journey: Set Your Clients on a Clear Path to Wellness
Michelle Grasek Presents:

Marketing for Introverts
Melinda Loo Presents:

The Four Pillars of Making Bank in Private Practice
Cary Bayer Presents:

How to Communicate Effectively to Retain, Reactivate and Gain Clients
Dr Sandi Eveleth Presents:

How to Attract More Patients Using Instagram without Wasting Time or Money
Simone Sleep Presents:

The Art of Remaking Oneself
Darryl "DJ" Turner Presents:

How To Create Facebook Ads That Get Clients In The Door
Andrea Anderson Presents:

Discover the Power of Heart Felt, Soul Centered Marketing
Daphne Wells Presents:

Daily Tasks
How Will to Get Unstuck
Robert Norberciak Presents:

5 Strategies to Unlock the Power of Your Front Desk
John Adams Presents:

Positioning Yourself as An Expert in Your Community to Create a Unique Business Model
Gael Wood Presents:

Repurpose, Reuse and Recycle your Marketing Content to Build Your Practice
Intentional Time Management
Tim Cooper Presents:

How to Create Websites that Captivate, Engage and Convert
Harnessing the Power of Chat Marketing
PLUS... 2 Panel Discussions on Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make and Time Management!
Check Out These Amazing Extra Bonuses!
Valued at over $1,135!
Open Your Money Flow Guide Workbook from Sharon Dejarlais (a $47 value)
Event Planning Guide from Felicia Brown (a $17 Value)
Using Testimonials to Promote Your Business Workshop & Social Media Testimonial Templates from Gael Wood (a $77 Value)
"Rapid Revenue Clarity Session” with Bryan Watrous (valued at $197)
"More Time, More Money Freedom" Laser-Focused Coaching Session with Caroline Burdulis
Find $10K in your business private consultation with Daphne Wells (valued at $797)
What If I Can't Make It To All The Sessions?
I get it, we're sharing a lot of information and you have a business to run

In all honesty, even if you could attend all the sessions while the summit is live for the five days, these strategies will take time and work to implement.

Our expert speakers will be sharing a lot of information as we work towards making this the most comprehensive business and marketing summit available for our industry.

So if you're serious about transforming your business it will probably be difficult to absorb all the information and implement the right strategies for you in such a short period of time.

That's why the Lifetime Access Pass is a no-brainer for most of our attendees.
Watch At Your Convenience
With on-demand access to 20+ video presentations, plus audio recordings and transcripts it's like getting real time advice from rock-star mentors.

Grab your Lifetime Access Pass at the lowest price it will ever be and you'll never have to worry about missing a moment of this powerful content.

You'll be able to watch and learn at any time from anywhere.
Get 30+ Training Videos Plus Audio Recordings and Transcripts Valued At $2,397 With Lifetime Access...
(Plus Extra Special Bonuses Valued At Over $1,135)
...For Only $97
Your investment is protected by our 14-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
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World Class Experts Delivering Exclusive Content Designed To Get You Results
All New Content

Each session has been created especially for summit attendees. As self contained lessons, each session has been designed to provide easy to follow, step by step instructions to help you plan and implement the best strategies for your business.

That's why the Lifetime Access Pass is a no-brainer for most of our attendees.
It's like having a world class mentor on call

With the Lifetime Access Pass it'll be like having 25 expert advisers in your hand, just a click away... ready to help you and share their best advice.

Stop wasting time and money on trial and error! These experts have already figured out what's working really well, right now, in YOUR industry.
Avoid information overload

There's actually a term for it. It's called Information Fatigue Syndrome

You see the problem isn't a lack of information. We're absolutely inundated with it. And just to complicate things more there is always someone announcing the virtues of the next shinny object.

How are you supposed to know what works? Who to trust? How much more time and money are you willing to gamble in the hope of improving your business?

That's why we put this summit together. Our hand picked panel of industry experts will share nothing but proven strategies. No fluff. No BS! 

You can proceed with implementing these strategies into your business with the confidence that with time and effort you will start to see amazing results.
When You Upgrade To This Special Time Limited Offer, You'll Receive:
30+ VIDEO SESSIONS ($1397 value)
Watch and review any session, any time. Learn from recognized industry leaders. 

These 30+ video presentations are exclusive to summit attendees and your unique opportunity to fast track your success by following the step by step strategies and blueprints employed by highly successful business owners.

AUDIO DOWNLOADS ($597 value)
Want to learn on the move. Download and listen to all speaker sessions and panel discussions on any device. 

Enjoy the flexibility of listening to this powerful content on your phone, tablet or computer. Turn your daily commute into an information session. Learn truly transformational strategies as you go about your everyday activities.

With this resource you've got no excuses to miss out on powerful content.

TRANSCRIPTS ($403 value)
Don't have time to watch hours of video or listen to hours of audio? No problem. 

Get access to key steps, tips and strategies along with links to all resource links for each speaker presentation.

Your transcript library will become an indispensable reference tool and handy guide for rapid implementation.
TOTAL VALUE = $2,397
You save 97% off the full price when you purchase today!
Your Lifetime Access Pass Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee
Gael and I are so confident that you'll LOVE everything the Lifetime Access Pass gives you that we're willing to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee.
Here's how it works...

When you invest in your lifetime access pass today you will get instant access to all of the video presentations along with downloadable audio files and transcripts.

We organised a lineup of world class industry leaders to present real world strategies and solutions... and, WOW, did they deliver!

But don't take my word for it... or the raving reviews we've received on our private Facebook group and emails... why don't you see all the amazing goodies we have in store for your in the exclusive membership area...

Just go ahead and order your lifetime access pass today, and check it out. Take 14 days.  
If, for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with the informative, lesson style presentations... if you don't increase your income... if you don't start to attract, retain and re-book more clients ... and if you don't agree that you have the potential to put this wealth of real world, time tested and proven advice to work and build the wellness business of your dreams... then simply email me at with your reason why you feel the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Lifetime Access Pass isn't for you and I'll provide you with a rapid, no hassle, 100% refund.

All I ask is that you give it a fair go. Implement the easy to follow strategies. Remember, things won't change until you do. You must take action...

I think you'll agree, that's a pretty solid offer...
So what are you waiting for? You've got absolutely nothing to lose. Get your Lifetime Access Pass today.
Okay, Here's A Quick Recap
This Is What You'll Get With Your Lifetime Access Pass...
Exclusive access to all the speakers presentations, panel discussions, audio downloads and transcripts
  •  On-demand access to all 30+ speaker video presentations (including panel discussions)
  •  Downloadable audio files of all seasons so you can listen to this powerful content on the go
  •  Full transcripts of all speaker presentations
Plus These Special Extra Bonuses!
  •  Open Your Money Flow Guide Workbook from Sharon Dejarlais
  •  Event Planning Guide from Felicia Brown
  •  Using Testimonials to Promote Your Business Workshop and Social Media Testimonial Templates from Gael Wood
  •  "Rapid Revenue Clarity Session” with Bryan Watrous
  •  "More Time, More Money Freedom" Laser-Focused Coaching Session with Caroline Burdulis
  •  Find $10K in your business private consultation with Daphne Wells
Your investment is protected by our 14-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
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Got A Question About The Lifetime Access Pass?...
What is the Lifetime Access Pass?
The Lifetime Access Pass provides you with on-demand access to all speaker presentations and panel discussions, downloadable audio files, transcripts of all sessions plus access to exclusive offers and unannounced bonuses.
What's the difference between a Free Access Pass and a Lifetime Access Pass?
With the free access pass, you can only watch the speaker sessions for 24 hours each, during the live summit on March 15 - 19, 2019
However, as a Lifetime Access Pass holder, you get lifetime, on-demand access to the summit, inside our members-only library.
Is the summit completely online?
Yes, it’s 100% online. As a Lifetime Access Pass holder, you login to access all the material in our members area.
Can I access this content on my iPad, iPhone or mobile device?
Yes, as a Lifetime Access Pass holder, you can watch the sessions from your mobile device, computer and tablet at anytime, from anywhere. Download the audio sessions and transcripts so you can learn offline too. The video sessions can be streamed inside the members area.
Who is the Lifetime Access Pass for?
If you’re serious about making a difference for your business in 2019 and if you’re ready to stop wasting time and money on trial and error and learn skills that actually work, this is for you.
If you want to start working smarter, more efficiently and see better results – then yes, the Lifetime Access Pass is for you.

This is an amazing opportunity to be taught by recognized industry experts and leaders.

See this as an investment in yourself, and your business will thank you.
What's your return and cancellation policy?
Your Lifetime Access Pass comes with a 14 day, 100% money back guarantee.  

No hassles, no questions asked.

Your membership can be cancelled at any time within your 14 day guarantee period by simply sending an email to
What are your payment options?
All payments are processed through PayPal which is safe, secure and accepts all major credit cards. Should you have any problems with your payment please contact us by sending an email to
Get 30+ Training Videos Plus Audio Recordings and Transcripts Valued At $2,397 With Lifetime Access...
(Plus Extra Special Bonuses Valued At Over $1,135)
...For Only $97
Your investment is protected by our 14-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
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